Studying law is first step to embarking on a career that may lead to you becoming a barrister, solicitor or judge. A degree in law also teaches you to assimilate and analyse a lot of complex information, construct coherent arguments and write with razor-sharp precision. It impels you to think on your feet.

Entrance to the Royal Court of Justice, London, UK

Selecting what degree is the best one can be a difficult choice. At we want to make your choices somewhat easier.

Here are the top 05 options to study law in the UK at the undergraduate level.

1. University of Oxford
University of Oxford says that the law degree makes you “think for yourself”. You will need to read a lot and your horizons will be broadened to think about the history of law, the context and how things can be different. There two distinct courses of law at Oxford. Course I lasts for three years and Course II is essentially the same syllabus but the third year is spent at a university abroad (countries like France, Germany, Spain etc). You will get a chance to study the law in these countries and broaden your horizons. “Studying Law at Oxford is a unique experience. I feel I have learnt as much about politics, philosophy and sociology as I have about the law!,” Tasmin told the University admission page. You can read more here.
Home £9,250
Overseas (including EU) £28,370

Oxford University

2. Cambridge University
The degree at Cambridge is called the BA (Hons) degree. In other colleges/ universities it may be called LLB. While the focus of the degree in English law, you will study other legal systems as well. Many international students will be glad to know that you can also study
Roman law, EU law, international law and so one. There are plenty of opportunities to study theoretical and sociological aspects of law as well – these include jurisprudence or parts of criminology. You can read more here.
Home £9,250
Overseas £22,227

Cambridge University

3. University College London
This degree lasts for three years. It combines theory and research with opportunities to apply your knowledge on a practical level. Students can, if they choose, extend their studies by a year and spend a term or more studying abroad. They can choose from a few countries like the US, Australia, Hong Kong or Singapore. Learn more here.
Home £9,250
Overseas £22,080

University College London

4. Edinburgh Law School, The University of Edinburgh
This school like Oxford and Cambridge has a long and illustrious history. It was set up in 1707 in Scotland’s capital. If you want to be a lawyer in Scotland, this is the place to come to. This degree will provide you with an ideal foundation for further professional study too. Interestingly, the website says that many of the students who study here don’t go on to practice law. They take up other careers like politics, policy making and government service.
Home £9,250
Overseas £22,000

5. London School of Economics
The LSE is one of the world’s best-known British universities. Foreign student life at LSE is very exciting because given where it is located, the university attracts a huge number of foreign students. Having your campus in London is a blessing in more ways than one. The campus is really close to Royal Courts of Justice and the Lincoln’s Inn, which is one of the four Inns of Court of which all barristers must be members. That’s not all. Some of the city’s biggest law firms are also close by.
Home students £9,250
Overseas £22,430

London School of Economics

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