It was a race against time for so many travellers attempting to come to the UK from India over the past three days. As India went on to the red list many passengers went into a state of panic.

India is now on the UK's red list

For Anuj Phatate this was a disaster. He was planning to come to London to be with his wife in the first week of May. “Suddenly the UK announced that India will be in the red list. Once it is in the red list, it would’ve been very difficult for me to travel to the UK. I packed my bag and my son’s bag also.”

Anuj says, “It was the last flight going to London. I paid 1.4 lakhs per ticket (that’s approximately 1400 pounds). That was a huge amount. I wouldn’t even have thought putting that sort of money up for a ticket. But I had to.”

Anuj isn’t alone. Thousands more rushed from Indian cities to the UK as soon as the British government said that India will be on the list of red listed countries.

As the second wave hit India, 314,835 new coronavirus cases emerged from the country today and deaths rose to a sobering figure of 2,104.

Many cities are reporting the lack of oxygen, beds and vaccines.


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