GB news launch date confirmed

A new TV news channel will appear on the airwaves on 13 June at 8pm BST. It’s called GB news.

GB News launch

A new TV news channel will appear on the airwaves on 13 June at 8pm BST. It’s called GB news.

The channel has a line-up of well-known faces from the news industry and is headed by Andrew Neil formerly the BBC’s top political presenter. According to media reports, he will also front the evening news coverage on the channel.

GB News launch

Other big names who have joined the channel include – Simon McCoy, formerly with the BBC, Alastair Stewart who has worked for many years at ITV and former journalist from the Sun Dan Wootton.

The first show on the channel will be called Welcome to GB News. The GB news website said, “We’ll share what’s really happening, bringing all of the nation together, all in one place – uniting, not dividing.”

According to the BBC, the morning show is to be called The Great British Breakfast. It will be presented by former Sky Sports presenter Kirsty Gallacher, Darren McCaffrey and Rosie Wright.

Simon McCoy will host the afternoon show. Another show is called Alastair Stewart And Friends. Andrew Doyle will host a programme called Free Speech Nation, described as “a fearless filleting of the country’s thorniest debates”.

GB News is backed by the Discovery group, among other investors. Discovery CEO David Zaslav said last week that, alongside CNN, GB News will be an important part of the merged Discovery and WarnerMedia outfit. “We love CNN. If you go to Europe we’re entertainment, non-fiction, the leader in sports and we’ve been on attack with news. We’ve just made a very big investment in the UK [in GB News], in terms of direction for us, and our plan was to roll across Europe, because we believe one of the differentiators is live, news, live sports,” he said.

According to media reports, the channel will be a right of centre station. The GB news website, however, said, “We’ll talk about the stories you want to talk about and ask the questions you want answered, because your agenda is our agenda.”

Tune in to Freeview channel 236 to watch GB News. It will also be available on other platforms like Sky, Virgin media etc.

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